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Meet Bookmark, your new specialist education recruitment partner here to help you on your journey to find a job, or to help you fill a vacancy at your education establishment.

As part of the Protocol Group, we have 27 years of expertise behind us to equip us with the relevant knowledge and understanding of the education industry, meaning we know all there is to know about the jobs and candidates available.

As a full-service recruitment provider, we can help you regarding any role in the education sector, spanning the following key sectors:

  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • SEN
  • Further Education
  • Higher Education

Whether you’re in search of an academic or non-academic role, we can assist you in discovering the available opportunities. And, through Bookmark, you can filter your search by education level, or even by subject, enabling you to be more specific with your job search or candidate search.

We even go beyond supplying recruiting services at Bookmark, as we also offer services in the following areas:

  • DBS Checks
    • Our partner brand, eSafeguarding, allows you to submit applications to the DBS in a swift and effortless fashion. The system favours a user-friendly style as well as a meticulous procedure, meaning we can enhance both accuracy and efficiency. From working with the DBS for over 15 years, we have gained a deep understanding of its importance and how to create an easy process for you, offering flexible and bespoke packages to suit your needs.
  • Payroll Services
    • In-house payroll management can be a heavy task, so we provide payroll services to make your life easier. Although you will be outsourcing your payroll, we like to work as an extension of your team, ensuring that your data is highly protected and secure. Our comprehensive service range is designed to cater precisely to your payroll requirements, whatever they may be.
  • Staff Management
    • At your establishment, people management is highly important, so we offer staff management services to keep your operational approach intact and ensure you have a streamlined set of processes in place. We are involved with a range of essential industry frameworks and supplier lists, including CCS, ESPO, and CPC, whilst also cultivating partnerships that hold similar values, ensuring we can provide the highest standards.

The key benefits of Bookmark

  • Education Specialists
  • Accurate, swift and precise
  • Candidate care and development
  • Building partnerships

Looking for the next opportunity in education? You’d better Bookmark it

If you’re looking to fill your vacancy with talent within the education landscape, or you’re looking to find your dream role, Bookmark can help. Sign up to the Bookmark database and get started on your journey to find the next big opportunity, whatever your goal may be.

Spotlight On: Gabby Brydges

In our series of ‘Spotlight On’, we’re excited to introduce to you the vibrant personality and invaluable team member, Gabby Brydges.  

The talent acquisition executive, Gabby, is a vital part of the team here at The Protocol Group, and her first seven months with us has been nothing short of impressive. Her commitment and dedication to the business is something we are very proud to witness every day. 

At The Protocol Group, a key part of what makes our brand so unique is the people behind it driving it to success and injecting their own individuality into the work. In this series, we like to interview different members of the team to find out more about them in order to celebrate what makes them incomparable.  

Here, we delve into the personal and professional elements of Gabby’s life to shed light on the person behind the impressive work at The Protocol Group…

1. Pet Mum

Gabby is a proud mum to two adorable Frenchies called Luna and Lola. She enjoys sharing the endless mysterious ‘tails’ of what the cheeky pups get up to on a daily basis with the office.  

2. A Recruitment Extraordinaire

With a commendable five years of experience in recruitment, Gabby is the go-to person for identifying and nurturing talent. Her commitment to the team is always noticeable and her knowledge and understanding of the sector is truly inspiring. 

3. Unforgettable Work Memories

For Gabby, one of her favourite memories since working at The Protocol Group has been a team-building summer party, where she could bond with her colleagues and in the process created some unforgettable memories to truly represent her time with The Protocol Group so far.  

4. From Crawley to Nottingham

Gabby is originally from Crawley, but decided to make the move to Nottingham several years ago and cross that southern to northern divide. Now, Gabby is happy to call Nottingham her home – especially because that means she’s been able to become a member of The Protocol Group family.  

5. What’s To Come In 2024?

Gabby is most excited about seeing how much The Protocol Group will grow in 2024. Considering 2023 was such a monumental year for the success of the company, further pushing the brand to even greater heights will be a key part of the upcoming year. 

6. Tell us a random fact…

Fun fact! Gabby’s claim to fame lies with her unexpected meet and greet with non-other than Orlando Bloom when in a small bar in Prague – let’s hope she invites him as her plus one to next year’s Christmas party! 

You can find out about more of our wonderful team here at The Protocol Group in our series of ‘Spotlight On’, exploring more about what makes our team unique across our brands eSafeguarding and our group, The Protocol Group.

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