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Using eSafeguarding, the process of submitting applications to the DBS becomes swift and effortless. Our system prioritises user-friendliness, eliminating any potential hassles. Through our meticulous procedure, we enhance both accuracy and efficiency, offering you a sense of assurance and peace of mind.


What Is a DBS Check? 

An online DBS check allows employers to check your criminal record to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for the role, and whether you are suitable to work with children or vulnerable adults. 

It is also important that, as an employer, you hire individuals with a clean criminal history which involves carrying out an online criminal record check to ensure safe and secure recruitment. 

How Long Does a DBS Check Last? 

An online DBS check does not have an official expiration date, and this applies to Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks. However, it is important to note that the information provided becomes less relevant over time as new convictions or cautions occur.  


Why Choose eSafeguarding?

We understand that when it comes to compliance, there’s no room for error. We’ve been working with the DBS for over 15 years, ever since its inception as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). That’s why you can rely on us to make things easy.  

Every single day, eSafeguarding assists staff, students, and volunteers from diverse sectors such as education, healthcare, and recruitment in applying for DBS checks. Our services have garnered satisfaction from thousands of clients, showcasing our widespread impact and reliability.  

Our team of experts is readily available through our dedicated helpline, prepared to walk you through the entire process and offer guidance from start to finish. 


Flexible Packages  

Recognising the uniqueness of each organisation, we provide a variety of adaptable packages tailored to our customers’ needs. If you handle only a few applications annually, our Pay as You Go service might be an excellent fit. However, if you require the advantages of multiple accounts (for separating staff and students, for instance) along with monthly invoicing, our Multi-Check service becomes the perfect choice.  

Furthermore, our selection of flexible add-ons, including integrated reporting and an applicant payment system, underscores our commitment to crafting a system that aligns with your workflow, ensuring that it complements your operations rather than dictating them. 


Accessible Anywhere 

The system can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection, and the user-friendly dashboard lets you track applications at each stage. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly!  



Our software validates data as it’s entered, and applicants are prompted to correct any invalid information as they go, meaning no missed fields and fewer mistakes.  

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