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Relieve yourself from the weight and uncertainties of in-house payroll management through our personalised and dependable services. Here at Bookmark, we are payroll providers for schools, and as specialists in education recruitment, our thorough understanding of the industry allows us to inject expertise into our services. 


Why Choose Bookmark for Your Payroll?

We’re exceptionally proud of our track record in reliability, accuracy, knowledge and personal service, and we work hard to provide our customers with the efficiency of an outsourced service while operating as an extension of your team. Whether running permanent, contract or a combination of payrolls, we can help you become more cost-effective and efficient.  

Secure, Safe & Efficient  

Rest easy knowing that your data is under the protection of our highly secure platforms and processes. We collaborate with top-tier software and systems, further reinforced by our stringent security protocols and policies. Feel assured that your data will be safe with our payroll services. 


Packages & Pricing 

Our range of packages and choices are designed to cater precisely to your requirements, with pricing that is tailored entirely to your needs. Whether you seek fundamental payroll assistance, a full-service payroll outsourcing solution, or even require urgent support, our comprehensive service range is poised to fulfil your demands. Moreover, you might find it pleasantly surprising that outsourcing a portion or the entirety of your payroll can be more budget-friendly than anticipated, often costing considerably less while mitigating the risk of relying on a single point of operation. 

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