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Navigating the dynamic landscape of education staffing is our forte. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we specialise in staff recruitment for schools, colleges, trusts and all other education establishments, sourcing the ideal members of staff for any educational role. 

Candidates By Education Level

Find a range of talented candidates to suit your teaching staff recruitment needs. We can supply teachers for every sector of the education market, from nursery through to higher education. Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements. 

Nursery Candidates

Early years education lays the vital groundwork for a child’s holistic development, and finding the most suitable and qualified candidates can be made simple with Bookmark. 

Primary Candidates

We can assist you in finding the very best talent in a range of areas for Primary year groups, with access to an expert Bookmark consultant to collaborate with professionals in your area. 

Secondary Candidates

Secondary education is pivotal for a child’s development across more specialised subjects, and our database of professionals can help you find the most qualified secondary teaching candidates.  

SEN Candidates

We have an extensive network of specialists in Special Educational Needs with qualifications and expertise in a variety of areas, helping you to find the perfect candidate for the role. 

Further Education Candidates

Bookmark can help you to find the most appropriate personnel for your further education roles, whether it be for permanent, long-term, or day-to-day roles. 

Higher Education Candidates

Our specialist knowledge of higher education recruitment means we can source candidates at every level, across a range of different specialisms.

Candidate By Subjects

Our extensive database, cultivated through years of industry engagement, enables us to pinpoint candidates with the precise skills, experience, and ethos required to excel within any subject area. 

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