Find Teaching Jobs in Core Subjects 

Finding a job in the core subjects involves navigating a dynamic landscape where demand for skilled professionals remains consistently high. 

Opportunities across Mathematics, English Language, and Science disciplines range from teaching positions to curriculum development and educational leadership roles. 

Schools, colleges, and educational institutions are on the lookout for educators who can instil a passion for learning, deliver engaging lessons, and facilitate students’ learning in these essential subjects. 

Core subject teaching jobs include openings in nursery, primary, secondary, further and higher education with options for day-to-day supply, short-term contracts, long-term contracts and permanent opportunities.

We can support you in finding a role across any core subject, such as:

  • Teaching/Lecturing

  • Learning Support

  • Programme Management

  • Curriculum Management

  • Cover Supervisor

  • Cover Supervising

  • and many more!

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