Humanities Teacher Jobs

From History and Geography to Philosophy and Social Sciences, there are many opportunities for individuals that are passionate about nurturing critical thinking, cultural awareness, and a well-rounded education. 

Roles span beyond traditional teaching, extending to curriculum development, educational research, and administrative positions. 

Both primary and secondary schools, as well as further and higher education institutions, value educators who can inspire students to explore the complexities of human thought, society, and creativity. 

If you’re looking for the right humanities teacher vacancy, you can explore openings in Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Further, and Higher Education with options for day-to-day supply, short-term contracts, long-term contracts and permanent opportunities. 

We can support you in finding a role across any Humanities subject, such as:

  • Teaching/Lecturing

  • Learning Support

  • Programme Management

  • Curriculum Management

  • Cover Supervising

And many more!

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